About us

TASMI UZBEKISTAN Market Research Group - agency of market and social researches, works in Uzbekistan more than 10 years.

The staff of TASMI UZBEKISTAN Market Research Group are members of ESOMAR ( The European Society for Opinion and Market researches)

The basic specialization of TASMI UZBEKISTAN Market Research Group are marketing and social researches in Uzbekistan.

The questionnaire system of the agency, numbers on the average 50 supervisors and interviewers per a year. The own CATI- studio, allows to conduct telephone questioning efficiently, even on a big samples ( from 6000 telephone interviews in a month).

A focus-group room with a double-faced mirror and a client room, equipped in the agency office, give opportunity to conduct qualitative researches, according to international standards.

The high quality of our work guarantees the constant control of all research levels: 100% accuracy check of questionnaires completion, 100% telephone control,20-25% of the repeated visits, 100%- audition of PAPI records, CAPI and telephone interviews, 100% correctness control of questionnaire’s entry.

Our capabilities

Qualitative market researches

Qualitative market researches help to answer on such a question: “ Why?”, and also expose the matter and features of body of interest.

Qualitative market researches of TASMI UZBEKISTAN Market Research Group help to understand better your consumers, to make a study of their preferences, motives, and also choosing factors.

We offer the following types of conducting qualitative market researches in Uzbekistan:

Focus-groups and mini-groups- discussion of advertised materials, consumption features of a product/ services, different brands images, possible product changes ( structure, design, pack and so on ) in a small group of consumers: prospective consumer, competitor’s consumers and others. The discussion administer is a professional moderator, who conduct it according to a special script, including all required problem aspects. A customer can observe the discussion process, thanks to a special client room, with a double-faced mirror. Also audio and video recordings, and scripts of focus group are given.

Deep interviews, dyads and triads are individual or in a small group talks, for observation one or another problem, for example: observation of goods and services, and their specifics.

Interviews with experts is a talk with a bearer of unique information (staff of a definite field, corporate clients and etc), about exploring product and service.

Home visits- are used in case of necessity in observing of using some kinds of goods and services at respondent’s house. Such research allows to analyze how they use a product at home, what kind of brands and categories are set at consumers’ homes.

A focus-group room with a double-faced mirror and a client room, equipped in TASMI UZBEKISTAN Market Research Group give opportunities to conduct qualitative researches, according to international standards of ESOMAR.

Quantitative market researches

It is impossible to hold the analysis of the market, its competitors, strengths and weaknesses brand’s detection, without a quantitative evaluation of these parameters.

TASMI UZBEKISTAN Market Research Group offers a wide range of quantitative researches, with modern and classical methodology assisted (PAPI, CATI, CAPI, etc), and also we have our personal exclusive approaches:

Market researches of purposes and consumers’ preferences in Uzbekistan.

Market researches of a brand position in Uzbekistan market: image, segmentation, etc.

Analysis of factors, bearing on consumers loyalty level and definition their impact degree

Market researches in testing of a new product( UPT, BPT), new design of a pack, etc.

Market prices researches (BPTO,PSM and others).

Evaluation of advertising efficiency.

Market research of sales outlets and so on.

Omnibus- a research, where take parts several companies, but the questionnaire consists from different thematic blocks. Every customer pay only for their part in research, that gives an opportunity to save a market budget( the fee for adding one question in Omnibus is 100$ ). On basis of added questions data, participants get a sterling analytical report, but datas of socially- demographic block are represented for free.

Company geography (we are working all over Uzbekistan)


Telephone:+99890 960-84-21,+99890 315-46-12

e-mail: tasmi.v@mail.ru

  • The company's goals

  • Providing quality services in the field of marketing research aimed at improving the quality of life of every person


- Actuality
- Business
- Reliability
- Confidentiality
- Maximum information
- Clients comfort and convenience

  • Our Guarantees

Our company applies a 9 element system of field works quality control:
1. Control accompanied by supervisors, observation and in the presence of the Customer
2. Audio – videorecording
3. Telephone control (from 20% to 100% at Customer’s option)
4. Follow-upcall
5. Respondentsregister
6. Visual and logical control for adequate completing the questionnaires and itinerary sheet
7. 100% computerized logical control for adequate completing the questionnaires and data loading into the computer
8. Contactandsignature
9. Interviewers register

  • Data input and output

is implemented in any method applicable for the Customer

  • Our Services

- Inquiries : street, phone, house, on-line
- Hall – test
- Home – test
- Mystery Shopping
- Packs-test
- UРТ – product testing
- in-depth interview
- observation
- advertising testing
- expert survey
- market outlet inventory
- Sales representatives work and activity evaluation
- Оmnibus F2F/Telephone
- Focus - group